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I hope that everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and spent some quality time with friends and family! This email includes a few important details for this weekend!

GPS ADDRESS: XL Sports World, 2278 North Penn Road, Hatfield, PA 19440


Please double check the tourney machine app before tomorrow morning!

1.) UNIFORMS/PINNY's PART A: Please make sure to bring your Superstar Reversible Pinny this weekend (from tryouts)!!! If you didn't get one I will have extra's with me down in PA. We have a number of games where Superstar plays Superstar and will need to use the Pinny's to identify ourselves.

2.) UNIFORMS PART B: We use a company called Rude Brand for our uniforms.  They are actually a USBOXLA company and they do an awesome job of designing and making a high quality uniform.  What they don't do so well is meet deadlines (anyone thinking of the great Seinfeld Rental Car episode here). In any case, as many of you have seen on my Instagram account (@realboxlax), many of the uniforms have arrived and they look amazing.  The trouble is, as of Weds, I had not received ALL of the uniforms and they have not been sent in any kind of logical system.  I am still holding out hope, as is my poor sales rep, that the final 3 boxes will get to me sometime today. If that happens, I will wait at my house until the shipment arrives, organize them late tonight, and distribute them to the players tomorrow morning or Sunday morning depending on what day they are playing. IF THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN, WE WILL NEED TO WEAR OUR REVERSIBLE PINNY'S FROM TRYOUTS AND NAVY BLUE OR SUPERSTAR SHORTS OF YOUR CHOICE! I'm not overly worried about it, but I am hoping that the uniforms arrive today and we are the best looking teams at the tournament this weekend.

3.) HELMETS: If you ordered a helmet and have not picked it up yet, I will bring them with me this weekend and you can pick them up at the tournament.

4.) WARM-UPS: In the back of the XL Sports World Facility there are a few basketball courts and a small turf field.  Players should plan to find their teams in that area 30 minutes prior to each game for a quick warm-up.

5.) GOALIE EQUIPMENT: I will bring down our bags of goalie equipment...however if you are a goalie please make sure to bring down your own goalie helmet, goalie stick, and goalie gloves! 

6.) 2027 PLAYERS: MEET ON THE BASKETBALL COURTS 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO OUR FIRST GAME AND COACH MARTI AND I WILL DIVIDE YOU INTO TEAMS FOR THE FIRST GAMES. We will make changes between the teams for each of the 3 games and the focus will be on FUN and BALANCE and will not be on fielding an "A" team and a "B" team.

Drive Safely! See you down there! Coach Colsey